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Earn with C7 Solo

    • C7 Solo is a smartphone app (for Android and iOS) by Cinnamon Air for individuals interested in promoting Cinnamon Air and earning a commission.
    • Cinnamon Air is a domestic airline in Sri Lanka that saves a lot of travel time by road.
    • Promote our flights to foreign travelers you know and earn 10% commissions when they book flights with us.
    • Commission: more than Rs. 2,000 for every booked passenger.
    • Commissions are sent to you via eZ Cash or mCash.
    • Registration applicable for Sri Lankans only.

How C7 Solo works

  1. Download C7 Solo app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  2. Open C7 Solo and tap “Sign Up” and register.
  3. After registration, you will see all offers on home screen.
  4. You will see offer details (such as flight price) when you tap each offer, including a unique promo code for you to share when promoting Cinnamon Air flights.
  5. Traveler gets 10% discount and you get 10% commission when they book flights on www.cinnamonair.com using your promo code.
  6. Set up your eZ Cash or mCash account by dialing #111# on your phone and following instructions.
  7. If a traveler books a flight using your promo code, you will see your commissions you will receive on “Earn” tab at the bottom of your home screen on C7 Solo.

You can also use C7 Solo to enjoy the special discounts and get the commission yourself!

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