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Visiting Sri Lanka to attend an event

When you visit Sri Lanka to attend an event, your tight schedule no longer restricts you from exploring the beauty of this island because Cinnamon Air Scenic Flights, Charter Flights, and Scheduled Flights can allow you to see the country in just a matter of minutes!

Our 20-minute Scenic Flights over Colombo, Kandy, or Sigiriya allow you to view parts of Sri Lanka from whole new angles, which can be a refreshing experience from the hectic schedule you may have during your short visit. These flights are a great way to maximize your entertainment during a short break.

If you wish to have a quick trip to a certain destination in the island—for business or pleasure—without spending hours on the road, options of our Charter Flights and Scheduled Flights will be your solution. With these flights, you can enjoy what Sri Lanka has to offer to the maximum extent during your short stay in the island. As an added bonus, you may get to experience takeoff and landing on water when you fly to and from certain locations in Sri Lanka!

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