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Cinnamon Air Flights to Castlereagh Reservoir

Surrounded by verdant mountains and vibrant tea plantations, Castlereagh Reservoir in the Central Hill Country of Sri Lanka makes a breathtaking scenery. The land that surrounds the Reservoir features lush green terrain lined with remarkably bright shades of orange shores separating the azure water and the land.

The natural artistry of Castlereagh Reservoir is complimented by the Castlereagh Dam that, in fact, creates the Reservoir by amassing water from Kehelgamu Oya. Water in the Reservoir is used for generating hydroelectricity, a main source of electricity in Sri Lanka. Castlereagh is a place where one can see the human ingenuity seamlessly mingling with the nature.

As a popular upscale holiday destination, region around Castlereagh Reservoir in Nuwara Eliya district hosts a number of lavish accommodation establishments where guests can pamper themselves and spend their time in luxury. The cool climates and colonial-era architectural styles prevalent in this region can be perfect for a remarkable holiday in the Central Hill Country.

Cinnamon Air operates daily scheduled flights to Castlereagh, Sri Lanka using its amphibian aircraft, providing a swift travel option to popular tourist destinations such as Hatton and Adam’s Peak. In addition to the splendor of Castlereagh Reservoir, flying with Cinnamon Air also allows travelers to experience landing on water, an exciting opportunity that is out of the ordinary.

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