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With monkeys jumping from tree to tree and the elusive leopard slipping through the forest, Yala National Park is a glorious look into Sri Lanka’s wildlife, and stands as an unparalleled testament to the diversity of the island. For centuries, this incredible destination has been revered as one of the best destinations to explore the beauty of the wild, from sloth bears, elephants, and reptiles to a whole host of birdlife that can be seen when you travel to Yala.

With promises of unforgettable discoveries and exciting adventures, Yala is home to six national parks and three wildlife sanctuaries within its confines. It is arguably the best place to spot leopards and is known for having a high density of these majestic creatures. Look out for these predators as they prowl impressively around the park.

Though wildlife is abundant, spotting animals like the Sri Lankan Sloth Bear and Sri Lankan Leopard is often rare. The best opportunities while on a Yala National Park safari are generally at dawn and at dusk, however the male leopards are often seen walking the park tracks during the day.

Watch herds of elephants ambling about, as you set out on a jeep safari. As you drive down Yala West, find yourself immersed in a scrub jungle. Catch a glimpse of stunning rock monoliths scattered throughout the park and pass by brackish lagoons. The roaming elephant herds can be easily seen during dry spells at the small scale reservoirs, among other animals such as wild buffalos, mash crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles.

For bird enthusiasts, the birdlife in Yala Sri Lanka is outstanding. Over 215 species of birds have been recorded here with six being endemic to the island. For those interested in Sri Lanka wildlife tours, the Yala National Park is indubitably the ideal location – offering much to discover with a stunning range of animals to observe amidst natural environs.

Flights to Yala – Cinnamon Air flies to Tissa, which is located 53.3 km away from the park.

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