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Charter Flights to Jaffna by Cinnamon Air

A charter flight destination only.

30 years of war and turmoil kept a city of bliss out of bound for the seekers of culture, beauty and charm in a paradise island. When the day of peace dawned upon the Northern province of Sri Lanka, the charming old city of Jaffna blissfully opened doors to visitors of the world and since then the crowds have been swarming in, lured by the bountiful charms that are lavishly abundant here. Travel to Jaffna to discover beauty in sheer abundance to create memories of a perfect vacation. Our exclusive private charter flights to Jaffna help you to reach the city with ease and convenience while allowing you to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the sprawling magnificence of Sri Lanka.

Attractions such as the Kadurugoda Temple with beautiful miniature stupas, the Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil which is believed to have been originally erected many millennia even before the birth of Lord Buddha, the Nallur Koovil and Jaffna Beach will steal your heart with historic and cultural significance.

For a colorful experience that lets you witness the clamor of everyday life, a visit to the Jaffna Fish Market can be made, while peace and solitude will be discovered at the Jaffna Library.

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