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Adam’s Peak

One of the iconic sites in the beautiful Central Hill Country of Sri Lanka is the Adam’s Peak. Locally known as “Sri Paada” (which translates into “the sacred footprint”) and “Samanala Ka nde” (which translates into “butterfly hill”), this highly conspicuous hill in an area full of other hills with lush green terrain is visited by thousands every year. Footprint that can be found at the summit of the mountain is considered by Buddhists as the footprint of Buddha, which is the primary reason for many Buddhist devotees to visit Adam’s Peak throughout the year. People of other faiths also hold Adam’s Peak important as Hindus believe that the footprint is of deity Shiva while Christians and Muslims believe it to be of Adam. Adam’s Peak becomes a natural palette of vast range of colours during the season of butterflies when the hill gets covered by thousands of butterflies (which is the source of the name Samanala Kande).

For those who trek Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka for the full experience, the trekking season starts from December and goes on to late April or early May. The trek up the Peak is a unique experience as the combination of bio-diversity and natural beauty seen on the way is not found anywhere else in the world. For those who like to trek the Peak in a less-crowded setting, the off-season could be an excellent experience, if the dry season (July to August) is chosen.

With Cinnamon Air’s daily scheduled flights to Hatton (Castlereagh Reservoir), travelers can easily reach Adam’s Peak. In addition to the experience of trekking the most visited and incredibly gorgeous hill in Sri Lanka, experience of flying among misty mountain tops will be remembered for a lifetime.

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