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Find yourself in awe at the breathtaking view of tropical abundance when you visit Ella. A quaint little village in Nuwara Eliya, Ella is known as the highest village in Sri Lanka, occupying every scenic vantage point in the highlands. Gaze upon the marvelous scenery of mist-shrouded mountains, blanketed by lush greenery.

The village of Ella, with its abundant vegetation and pleasant cool climate offers the best of both worlds.Ella hiking presents travellers many ways to experience the amazing flora and fauna of Sri Lanka’s Hill Country. Enjoy a nature trek through the plantations, as a guide explains how the bushes are picked and pruned every five years. Walk past a small village and venture into Ella’s agricultural region, where paddy is grown on mountain terraces and irrigated by small streams.

For those who wish to learn about the local community, this is the ideal chance to discover valuable insight about the lifestyle of people who live and farm in this scenic mountainous region.  Continue your trek through a dense jungle to a scenic stream, where you can enjoy a bath amidst the cool climes.

Cascading waterfalls are abundant in this area including the Bambarakanda Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Be amazed by the gushing waters as it bounces offer rocky ridges on its way down. Skirted by huge steep rocks and dark green forests of pines and tropical trees, the view is majestic – making for countless picture-perfect moments.

Located about 2 km outside of Ella, Sri Lanka is the Sitha Cave, another popular attraction in the village. According to local legend, this cave was used by the Demon King Rawana to hide the Princess Sitha, after abducting her in India. For those who wish to travel to Ella, there are a spectrum of things to see including Halpewatte Tea Factory, Ella Spice Garden and Demodara Loop.

Closest Domestic Airport – Castlereagh or Lake Gregory water aerodromes


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