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Flights to Tissa with Cinnamon Air

Delight in the historical splendour of Tissamaharama – its rich history creating the idyllic destination to explore the rich culture of Sri Lanka. Formerly the capital of the Sinhalese Kingdom of Ruhuna as early as the 3rd century B.C, this rural town is home to a string of remarkable historic buildings, which can still be seen today.

As you stroll along the narrow streets, you will come across the Tissa Dagoba, believed to have been originally built around 200 BC by Kavantissa, a king of Ruhunu. Looming above Tissa town centre, this large stupa, largely restored to its former glory, is thought to have held a sacred tooth relic and forehead bone relic. At night, this ancient monument is lit up and stands majestically against the backdrop of the night sky.

The Tissa Wewa with its remarkable bird life provides the scenic backdrop for the town. This beautiful man-made reservoir was built by King Kavantissa in the 2nd century BC. Catch a glimpse of a flock of aquatic birds including bitterns, herons and egrets as they flit across the waters. Marvel at the stunning artificial lake, as you enjoy the refreshing breeze sweeping across the landscape. A few minutes away lies a beautiful expanse of paddy fields. Watch as farmers expertly go about their business – presenting you a rare experience to capture the rural village life in Sri Lanka. In the evening, a walk along the massive bund enclosing the lake’s southern shore will take you to a place of tranquil and serenity.

The combination of ancient dagobas and beautiful tanks lends Tissa, a certain distinction, compared with other towns of the southern coast. Visitors have the option to Fly to Tissa Tank or visit other archaeological ruins and nearby excursions such a Yala safari and a visit to Kataragama.

Travel to Tissa, Sri Lanka with Cinnamon Air and enjoy the beauty of Sri Lanka from above. The closest domestic airport at Tissa would be the Tissa Tank Water aerodrome

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