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Flights to Trincomalee with Cinnamon Air


The famous port city of Trincomalee, home to one of the world’s finest natural deep-water harbours, can be found along Sri Lanka’s Eastern Coastline. When you travel to Trincomalee, the dazzling splendour of brilliant blue seas will be calling out to you in the distance, tempting you to spend hours of blissful rest on the white shores of the Trincomalee Beach. Boasting a rich maritime history, the area offers an idyllic getaway at beaches such as Nilaveli and Uppuveli where you can just sit back, soak up the sun and immerse yourself in breathtaking coastal scenery.

Set amidst palm fringed white sands, Nilaveli beach is just a ten minute boat ride away from Pigeon Island National Park where you can engage in the popular pastime of snorkelling. If you prefer more adventurous pursuits, a trip to Nilaveli will offer you a variety of outdoor activities off the coast; surf the waves with the wind in your hair, explore the fascinating world beneath the water on a diving excursion or watch in awe as whales majestically break the surface of the ocean. Save time to also visit Marble Beach, one of the most picturesque beaches in the east coast of Sri Lanka.

Equally idyllic is Uppuveli beach where sunshine enthusiasts can laze upon soft sand or swim in the inviting turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. You can also visit such attractions as the Commonwealth War Cemetery and the ancient temple known as Velgam Vihara when in Uppuveli.

There is much more to see in Trincomalee than just its idyllic beaches. The Thirukonesvaram Kovil which is one of the country’s oldest Hindu temples, Fort Fredrick that was once an old colonial Dutch fort, the Hoods Tower Museum which showcases the naval history and the hot springs near Mari Amman Kovil, are among the attractions that let you experience the region’s cultural heritage.

Cinnamon Air offers scheduled flights to Trincomalee, twice daily which is an ideal choice for those seeking to experience the beauty from up high.

Recommended Hotels in the Trincomalee area;

  • Trinco Blu
  • Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes
  • Anilana Nilaveli

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