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Trekking Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka

For a small island, Sri Lanka has a plethora of attractions and activities that keep its visitors and residents entertained. Among those many, adventure of trekking the Adam’s Peak in SriLanka is at the pinnacle of the trekker’s list.

Adam’s Peak, the mountain which gets shrouded in clouds at some parts of the day, is iconic in the cluster of mountains in central Sri Lanka. Due to its steep inclines and remarkably pointed peak, it stands out from other mountains in the region. The chillingly cool climate with a fabulous collection of flora make trekking in Adam’s Peak truly pleasurable and when the cool wind flows through you the tiresomeness of treading the inclined ground fades away, giving you a boost to move forward to the peak. From various locations, opportunities for photography on the breathtaking scenery are endless. The path to the peak starting from the direction of Hatton has man-made steps that make moving somewhat easier. During the rainy season, chilling water flows on these steps making the climb “electrifying”. When you reach the top, you will find yourself in a magical setting, especially during the sun rise. In fact, many visitors have claimed that they have seen the ocean at the horizon as the sun rises. When things to see in Sri Lanka is considered, there are so many related to Adam’s Peak alone.

Being Adam’s Peak considered as sacred by peoples of different faiths, you will come across people going about performing different religious practices. Also, during certain parts of the year, migration of butterflies makes the mountain surface almost covered by butterflies, making the whole mountain colourful. Try not to tread on these butterflies!

A popular route to reach Adam’s Peak is through Hatton, which is about a 4-hour drive from Colombo. For more enjoyment of the experience of trekking Adam’s Peak, you can save time by flying to Castlereagh Reservoir (which is closer to Adam’s Peak than Hatton) in about 30 minutes with Cinnamon Air.

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