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Aukana Buddha Statue

Reveling in magnificence, standing 12m tall, the Aukana Buddha Statue is one of the greatest monuments in Sri Lanka and is a popular tourist attraction in the country. Built during the reign of King Dhatusena, the statue was carved out of a cliff during the 5th century and is nearly free-standing except for a narrow piece of rock connecting it to the cliff.

Elegantly crafted with intricate detail, the statue is a testament to the finesse of those who built it; portraying the position of Asisa Mudra, which signifies blessing, while the burst of fire above his head illustrates the power of enlightenment. The right hand is raised up to the right shoulder, and the pleats of the robe are carved clearly and delicately.

No trip to Anuradhapura is complete without witnessing the splendour of the Buddha statue in Aukana. Sightseeing around the area will bring you to the Kalã Wewa tank, a breath-taking destination to relax, and enjoy a picnic amidst spectacular views.

You can now fly to Sigiriya with Cinnamon Air to visit this historic city of Anuradhapura and experience the splendor and glamour of an era of ancient Sri Lankan civilization.

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