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Safaris in Sri Lanka

A vacation in the tropics is not complete without a safari trip. Being a small island in the tropics, Sri Lanka is rich with wildlife in the nature reserves and a safari in Sri Lanka is a must when visiting the island. As we are not living in the wild, spotting wild animals can be a rare and exciting experience. So when you go on a safari trip, don’t forget your camera…

When Sri Lanka national parks are considered, Yala is the most popular while Wilpattu is the largest. Terrains of the two parks being different (Yala being rocky and Wilpattu having more trees), these can give different but fabulous safari experiences.

These national parks are home for numerous elephants, leopards, alligators, sloth bears, and various kinds of birds. Arranging a safari trip into these lands of the wild will involve traveling on a 4×4 feeling like a legendary explorer you see in some of the Hollywood movies. As you travel, you will need to keep yourself on alert on the ground as well as on the tree tops to keep you from missing the chance of spotting a wild beast moving about or a rare bird resting. You may see a herd of elephants gathered on a field going about their daily lives, or you may spot a leopard lurking about—maybe going somewhere or stalking its next prey. You may also spot birds such as peacocks on the grounds. It will be an amazing opportunity to snap some photos of a peacock with its iridescently colourful plumage displaying. Memories captured on your mind and your camera are for a lifetime.

While the safari can be highly entertaining, being mindful to be not disruptive of the natural setting is essential as we are guests in the domain of the wild.

Although these national parks being more than 7 hours away by land from Colombo, reaching these marvelous destinations is not very intimidating with flights from Cinnamon Air take you there in minutes.

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