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Trekking in Sri Lanka

While being a tropical island of small size, Sri Lanka also has regions featuring cool climates with mountainous terrains, especially in Nuwara Eliya district. This makes for breathtaking serene sceneries, perfect climate for relaxing, and trekking for those who want to seek adventure. Among many places to visit in Nuwara Eliya for trekking, Horton Plains and Knuckles mountain range are two of the most popular.

The beauty of trekking in Sri Lanka is that you don’t need special gear except for a comfortable pair of shoes and a light-weight jacket in addition to a bottle of water and something to bite. If you just like to trek in relatively flat terrain, Horton Plains National Park is your choice. At Horton Plains National Park, you have a trek of almost 10 km and you get to see a fabulous collection of plants, flowers, and well-matured trees. You get to walk on flat ground, inclines, and declines that make the trek interesting and somewhat adventurous. There are some notable and exhilarating landmarks you come across in Horton Plains: World’s End and Bakers Falls to name a few. World’s End is a cliff of an almost straight drop of about 1,200 m. Although it can be scary to stand there without any safety railing, the panoramic view into the distance vista is unmatched. Horton Plain’s another attraction, Baker’s Falls, can be as just as exciting since visitors get to go very close to the waterfall on a concrete platform built on the side of the Falls. From there, you can gaze at the white powder-like mist created by falling water on the rocky surface.

A common route to reach Horton Plains is via Nuwara Eliya and Cinnamon Air charter flights to Nuwara Eliya is a quick and easy option of traveling there.

If you prefer to take on more adventurous trekking in Sri Lanka than on Horton Plains, you can try the Knuckles mountain range. These mountains feature steeper inclines, challenging terrain, with verdant trees that maintain forest-like surroundings. The range includes a series of mountain peaks which are excellent observation points to view the spectacular scenery surrounding the range. Knuckles mountain range is about 40 km from Kandy city. If you would like to get a fresh start on your trekking, you can travel quickly to Kandy from Colombo with Cinnamon Air daily scheduled flights.

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