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Enrich your vacation by visiting a turtle hatchery

Many of us take a vacation in hopes of refreshing our lives and taking some time out of our routine to make our lives more meaningful. Because of this, we try to relax, unwind, introspect, and engage in activities that reconnect us with nature during our vacations. Sri Lanka is a perfect destination that allow us to do just that. There are miles of sandy beaches caressed by the blue Indian Ocean, lush green country side, historical sites from ancient and colonial days, and the nature to relax and enjoy yourself. In addition, there are specialty establishments such as turtle hatcheries with the mission of conservation of sea turtles, visiting of which can be a remarkable experience for you.

Sea turtles are an endangered species, and as responsible citizens of this planet, it is our duty to protect them. Albeit the chance of taking part in such act maybe rare in our daily lives, holidaying in the South Coast of Sri Lanka will get you that chance. Koggala is a famous destination for various attractions, but in particular, it is famous for turtle hatcheries. Visitors are welcome at these hatcheries as these organizations are committed on raising awareness of the importance of preservation of sea turtles. These organizations collect turtle eggs from beaches, some employing contribution from local communities, and keep the eggs in safety until they are hatched. Even after the eggs are hatched, the baby turtles are kept under safe conditions until they are fit to be released into the nature.

When you visit one of these establishments, you will be warmly greeted and given an informative tour explaining the importance of preservation of the turtles—a chance to improve your knowledge about a part of the nature. In some instances, you may also be invited to take part in releasing the turtles on the beaches. It will be an unforgettable and a fulfilling experience holding these little creatures on your hand and setting them down on the sandy beaches to watch them flop about, starting new—and hopefully long—lives.

Those who like to add different experiences to their lives should not miss visiting at least one turtle hatchery in Sri Lanka, especially a Koggala turtle hatchery. Fly to Koggala with daily scheduled flights from Colombo and Kandy operated by Cinnamon Air to save several hours of drive time.

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