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Enjoy yourself with water sports

Adventure on water, with water splashing by few inches away from your body at high speeds, is one of the thrilling experiences one can have and cannot get enough of. Vacation is a time to get away from the routine life and to do (or try) different things. When you visit Sri Lanka, you can relax on the pristine beaches, go trekking, cozy up in the cool climes in the Central Hill Country, and get your adrenaline fix by taking part in water sports. And the capitol for water sports in Sri Lanka is Bentota!

When you visit Bentota, water sports and ocean are the main attractions. If you like surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, or banana boat riding, Bentota has them all. With several establishments that facilitate various kinds of water sports in this popular tourist destination, it is not difficult to get yourself in the world of excitement on water. If you are traveling with kids, these water activities can bring them a lot of fun.

These adventurous water sports take place both on Bentota River (which is almost adjacent to the ocean) and the ocean (Indian Ocean). Hop on a jet ski and motor around bumping up and down as the water batters the hull, air rushing by you, engine roaring, and water splashing on the sides. Or, snap on a wakeboard, hold on to the handle to get yourself gliding on the water. There is so much fun you can get with watersports in Bentota.

Reaching Bentota to experience these adventures is made easy with Cinnamon Air as daily scheduled flights connecting Bentota with Colombo and Kandy within minutes.

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