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General Safety

Sri Lanka is generally safe if common sense is practiced. If you encounter any threats or become victimized (such as by theft, harassment, or fraud), please notify the police (tourist police if possible, as the process will be faster) as soon as possible. As a foreign tourist in Sri Lanka, you will attract positive attention most of the time; however, that attraction can also act adversely. Therefore, paying attention to your surroundings will keep you and your belongings safer. Female travelers may want to practice some additional caution as they would in many places in the world.


Word of Advice Regarding Stray Animals

Please practice great caution when interacting with stray animals in Sri Lanka (cats and dogs being common varieties). Even if you know the animal well, please maintain a good distance with them if you feed them and please refrain from petting them. While rabies is not rampant in Sri Lanka, the risk of the animal you interact with being infected is still significant. Also, close contact with stray animals increases your chances of catching fleas and other parasitic organisms. If you wish to rescue a stray animal (best way to care for these animals), please contact an animal rescue organization in Sri Lanka.

We at Cinnamon Air hope this information will help you to enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka the way you deserve. As the premium air taxi service in Sri Lanka, we understand how much you value a smooth vacation and peace of mind. Have a splendid holiday! Have fun!

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