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Safety & Security

Safety and Security Measures at Cinnamon Air

Please note that we would like to re-emphasize that the following security measures are in place to ensure passengers have a safe and secure flight experience with Cinnamon Air.

  • Prior to checking-in, Cinnamon Air conducts a thorough verification process of documents and guest details.
  • Baggage scanners and personal scanning devices are utilised to clear visitors and baggage at the terminal and other aerodromes before embarkation.
  • All vehicles entering the premises of our domestic aerodromes (both land & water) undergo in-depth checks.
  • Cinnamon Air accepts payments through registered agents and secure reservations through credit card (card details communicated through email or phone), electronic transfers, or secure web links.
  • Authorized security personnel are present at all aerodromes at any given time.
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