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Flights to Sigiriya Lion Rock by Cinnamon Air

Take a trip to the Sigiriya Lion Rock, one of Sri Lanka’s most visited tourist attractions, which stands majestically overlooking lush tropical jungle surroundings. Our daily scheduled flights to Sigiriya offer a unique bird’s eye view of this awe-inspiring site, studded with beautiful green gardens, ponds, fountains, promenades and pavilions. Travel to Sigiriya and discover the ancient treasures of Sigiriya frescoes, or the portraits of graceful young women on the walls are a wondrous sight for curious eyes. Covering the pathway to the summit, is the “mirror wall”, a highly polished wall where the musings of the old visitors who fell in love with the beauty of the rock are recorded as the world famous Sigiriya Graffiti.

Once you reach the summit, the spectacular panoramic vista spans into the distance as far as your eyes can see. This rock fortress, the miracle of King Kashyapa, is officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A trip to Sigiriya will not be complete without a visit to Dambulla which is located close to the “Lion Rock”, where a breathtaking complex of five caves can be found. This rock temple is a perfect place to observe Sri Lankan paintings and inscriptions which belong to the bygone eras.

The ancient capital cities of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa are not to be missed when travelling to this part of the island. An Anuradhapura holiday will remain forever memorable given the myriad of attractions that are lavishly scattered here including the Jaya Sri Maha Bodiya, Abhayagiri Viharaya and Jetavanaramaya. Polonnaruwa too bears the marks of a glorious history in the Gal Viharaya, Thivanka Image House as well as the Parakramabahu Statue.

Habarana, situated in the center of the cultural triangle and only a short distance from Sigiriya, offers access to another famous attraction of the region – National Parks abundant with fauna and flora, especially the Asian Elephant. Travelers will have the chance to visit Minneriya National Park and Kaudulla National Park, home of the world famous Elephant Gathering, and experience the thrills of elephant safaris, trekking, boating, cycling, hot air balloon rides, and many other outdoor adventures.

Recommended Hotels in the Sigiriya Area;

Ulagalla Resort
Cinnamon Lodge Habarana


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