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Travel to Dambulla with Cinnamon Air

Delve into Sri Lanka’s rich heritage when you travel to Dambulla. A city steeped in history, Dambulla is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, renowned for its enthralling sites and captivating culture.

As you uncover the allure of this charming city, the cave temple complex will perhaps be its most outstanding attraction. Known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla, this revered place of worship is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which houses more than 80 caves.The  Dambulla Temple is adorned with intricate 19th  century paintings and houses over 150 images of Lord Buddha in various sizes and poses. Inside the caves lies a 15 metre long reclining Buddha and vividly coloured frescoes on the walls and ceiling, making this the largest antique painted surface in the world.

For those visiting Dambulla, sightseeing will be a fascinating experience from exploring cave temples to embarking on bird watching tours, making a holiday here truly unforgettable.

Closest Domestic Airport – Sigiriya Domestic Airport (7 flights a week to Colombo and Trincomalee)*

–*From May 2015

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