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08 Jul 2016

A Break from the Heat…

By: Touring Rover


Tired of being in a hot and dry climate? How about a trip to Antarctica? Probably not by choice. Let’s hit the balance between scorching hot to freezing cold and pick a place where you can get cool temperatures. A lot of trees, waterfalls, and rivers would be nice too! Then you get Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is a unique little island with lots to offer. You get miles of golden sandy beaches all around this island paradise with an abundance of palm trees mixed with other evergreen trees adjacent. If you are from a country with hot and dry climate, try the Central Hill Country where the weather is cool, green is the defining color of surroundings, and waterfalls are aplenty.

The Central Hill Country of Sri Lanka features temperatures designed for indulging human senses. Average year-around temperatures in this region range between 15°C to 20°C—perfect for relaxing or physical exercise such as trekking. The Hill Country is great for those who like fine living as this region is famous for prestigious accommodation options. Surrounded with nature and being pampered with Sri Lankan hospitality mixed with British-influenced service quality, you can easily let go of the worries that may be following you from your daily routine.

After you are fully relaxed, you can explore more of the Hill Country. If you go to Nuwara Eliya, you can go trekking in Horton Plains, a national park where you will see colorful trees and flowers as you prod along the pathways. The trek is about 8km. Inside Horton Plains, there are two iconic sites: a large waterfall called Baker’s Falls and World’s End, an edge of extremely steep cliff with an astounding panoramic view terrain below. In addition to Horton Plains, you should not miss visiting some of the botanical gardens such as Hakgala Botanical Garden near Nuwara Eliya. If you were enamored by the Baker’s Falls during your trek in Horton Plains, be sure to check out other glamourous waterfalls such as Devon Falls and St. Clair’s Falls, which will take your breath away.

While the Central Hill Country is a fascinating region that can refresh your mind, body, and soul, it takes 4-5 hours on winding roads to get there from Colombo's Bandaranaike International Airport (from where you will enter Sri Lanka). There is an alternative that can reduce travel time to about 30 minutes: air travel. The only airline in Sri Lanka that offers daily scheduled flights to various destinations in the island, Cinnamon Air, offers flights to Kandy twice daily through their scheduled service. You can also enjoy flights to Nuwara Eliya using Cinnamon Air's charter flight service. In addition to the ability to avoid a long and tiresome journey, you will be able to get stunning bird's-eye views of the island with this air taxi in Sri Lanka also experience landing and taking off on water—something that will make your vacation more memorable!



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