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09 May 2016

Surf’s Up in the East!

By Surfing Rover


Summer break is on and it is the time to head to the beaches! Nothing gives you the thrill of launching yourself from the line-up on your surfboard, with crystal water passing beneath your feet, adrenaline rushing, and heading towards that glassy wave that is on the rise. You balance yourself on the board you dearly love and begin your ride on a thin wall of water that is already curling in and crashing behind you.

The spirit of a surfer is free, liberated, and without boundaries— they go anywhere for a good surf. For the surfer willing to stay true to the surfing spirit and explore new experiences, Sri Lanka is a surfing paradise. Just because Sri Lanka is somewhat untouched, it doesn’t mean the surf breaks it features are second-rate. During summer, from May to September, the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka is perfect to get your adrenaline fix on those waves.

The East Coast is full of spectacular surf points, Arugam Bay, Nilaweli, Passikudah, and Kalkudah. What makes these spots ideal for surfing are smooth long waves with little wind disturbance and lots of barreling waves, created by reefs at the bottom, which adds extra fun to your surf. Take out your killer surf board and show off your moves on those waves! As a plus to glassy surfs at these locations, you can relax and enjoy the wide sandy beaches with lots of sunshine in between your surfing adventures.

While getting to the East Coast from Colombo by road can take about 8 hours, there is a domestic air taxi in Sri Lanka that can slash the travel time for you: Cinnamon Air. This airline operates out of Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport (where you will enter Sri Lanka) serving numerous destinations inside the island. Once you come to Sri Lanka, you can use their scheduled service or if you have a small group, you can use their charter service at a time of your choosing. Your trip with Cinnamon Air to Trincomalee or Batticaloa in the East Coast from Colombo will take less than an hour and from there, reaching popular surf points is only a drive of few minutes. Also, a solid advantage of using Cinnamon Air over using a car is that the airline will easily accommodate your surfing gear.

On your exciting flight across Sri Lanka to the East Coast on Cinnamon Air’s comfortable aircraft, you will be able to enjoy breathtaking bird’s-eye views of scenic terrain beneath you—paddy fields, buildings, jungles, lakes, and lagoons…from a whole new angle! Also, if you are flying to Batticaloa (to get to Passikudah or Kalkudah), you will get the surfing spirit going right from the landing—with Cinnamon Air’s amphibian aircraft sliding across the water with white slashes on the sides till it stops at the dock!


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