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01 Oct 2018

Exploring the Enchanting South Coast of Sri Lanka By Melstrove

From winding down and relaxing at the golden sanded beaches to exploring UNESCO heritage sites to observing wildlife in their natural habitats to witnessing whales at the deep blue oceans, the South Coast of Sri Lanka offers a plethora of experiences for travellers looking to spice up their winter holidays.

For those of you thinking of making a trip to the South Coast of this paradise island, here are a few tips to ease your decision!

  1. For those looking to just wind-down and relax or just party in the beach:

The South Coast offers numerous tranquil and pristine beaches to just chill and enjoy your holiday while in Sri Lanka. In Koggala, Tangalle, and some spots in Bentota, you will find stunning beaches where you can relax in solitary—great for meditation or even reading.

For some lively fun and action, you can check out the beaches of Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa where beach parties with groovy music and great food are aplenty!


  1. For the adventurous and thrill seekers:

When you’re in the South Coast, if you’re not basking in the sun on the shore…then you must immerse yourselves in the sea!

Like snorkelling and scuba diving? Well, you’re in luck, because the sea off the coast of Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and Mirissa-with their colourful coral reef, multitude of tropical fish and captivating ship wrecks- are some of the best places in the country to do so!


Ever watched the giants of the ocean dance and dive in rhythm to the ocean waves? When you’re in the South Coast, you just might want to try out the many whale watching tours available! The best place to catch the marvellous spectacle of Humpback, Sperm and Blue whales, would be the Dondra Point – accessible through Galle, Hikkaduwa or Mirissa.

Whale Watching

Surfing, Kite-Surfing, Jet-Skiing – Sounds like something   you want to try? Well, Bentota, Weligama and Mirissa are hot spots in the South Coast that can help you with ticking your bucket list off!


  1. For those interested in sightseeing and exploring nature:

Not only is the South Coast filled with marvellous beaches for you to relax and have fun, it also offers you a chance to explore national treasures and nature in all its extraordinary wonder and glory!

You can visit the Dondra Head Lighthouse (the tallest in Sri Lanka), which is located near the Southernmost tip of the island and is historical site in the area and subject yourself to breath-taking views from the top!

Of course, it’s no question that the renowned Galle Fort which has been identified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, should be on your itinerary if you are heading to the South! Popular among both tourists and locals alike, the Galle Fort provides an insight into Sri Lanka’s colonial era with its architectural styles and is also a good vantage point to take the perfect selfies against the sunset at the Fort’s wall.

For an exotic and unique experience of Sri Lankan tradition, you can also visit Tangalle and Weligama where you just might be lucky enough to observe the wondrous sight of fishermen (commonly known as Stilt Fishermen) perched on branched poles as they fish skilfully. Upon approaching them closer, some fishermen may even let you try it out for yourselves!

Stilt Fishermen

And there’s Hambantota! This city harbours the famous Yala National Park and the Bundala National Park. The Bundala National Park features lagoons, wetlands, scrub jungle, dunes and wildlife and the beaches are a sanctuary for seabirds and nesting turtles. The Yala National Park provides the best opportunity for you to witness Sri Lanka’s board variety of wildlife in their natural habitat; from striking peacocks, to the renowned spotting of leopards, to monkeys, crocodiles and elephants, you can observe them all here!

Elephant Gathering

If you’re in Sri Lanka during the Winter Season (Northern Hemisphere), a visit to the South Coast is an absolute must not only because of its enchanting beauty but also because you will be able to tick off many items off your bucket list! And now, access to the South Coast of Sri Lanka is not only limited to travel by road, which can take several hours from Colombo (and longer from Kandy), but the option of air travel is also available. Cinnamon Air offers daily scheduled and charter flights to four destinations (Hambantota, Dickwella, Koggala, and Bentota) in the South Coast allowing you to get to the region at a fraction of the travel time by land, while enjoying marvelous bird’s-eye views of the country.




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