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16 Dec 2016

5 things to do in the South Coast By By Island Rover

Sunshine, warm climate, and friendly people are some of the effects that will refresh you and bring joy to your life. That is just what you will find in Sri Lanka!From November to April, the South Coast of Sri Lanka has a lot of activities and fun, especially around the beaches and the ocean.Following are top 5 things you can do in the South Coast of Sri Lanka.

1. Enjoy your time on the beaches

relaxing at the beach

As the golden sandy beaches are a major reason that make the South Coast of Sri Lanka attractive, one should not miss spending some time relaxing on these beaches. There are numerous calm and pristine beaches as well as lively fun-packed beaches throughout the South Coast of Sri Lanka. In Koggala, Tangalle, and some spots in Bentota, you will find pristine beaches where you can feel relaxed and solitary—great for meditation or even reading. When you need lively fun, you cannot go wrong with Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa where you will find a plenty of beach parties with groovy music and great food. As the night falls, entertainment in these parties go sky high!

2. Snorkeling in the ocean near Hikkaduwa

swimming with the turtles

When you’re in the South Coast you have to get yourself immersed in the sea. While taking a swim can be exciting, you can do better—snorkelling. Sea off the coast of beach town Hikkaduwa is the most popular for snorkelling because of the colourful coral reef and fish population beneath the water. With your snorkeling gear on and swimming over the vibrant scene below, you will feel liberated and perhaps elated to get a first-hand glimpse of splendor underwater.

3. Take a whale watching tour

whale and dolphin watching

Your vacation in the South Coast is not complete without taking a whale watching tour. Mirissa is a famous beach town where whale watching tours originate and there are several operators of such tours. A venture in to the deeper sea off the South Coast is a chance to spot various species of whales such as blue whales, fin whales, and sperm whales. You will see whales swimming on the surface and diving with their gigantic tails raised above water. While swimming around, these majestic creatures will shoot streams of water up into the air. Some whales will jump up (which is called breaching) and land back in the water, causing substantial splashes. These actions will make fabulous memories and opportunities for your camera.

4. Visit the tallest lighthouse in the island

Lighthouse in Sri Lanka

Located near the southernmost tip of the island, Dondra Head Lighthouse is the tallest in Sri Lanka. In addition to being a historical site in the South Coast, the view from top of the lighthouse is magnificent. You can see miles into the ocean as well as the country—depending on the side of the lighthouse you are looking from. This unique vantage point makes Dondra Head Lighthouse an attraction you must visit when you are in the South Coast of Sri Lanka.

5. A visit to the Galle Fort

Galle Fort

The South Coast features a number of historical sites built in the colonial era. Among them, the most popular is the Galle Fort. Started by the Portuguese in 16th century and completed by the Dutch in the 17th century, the Fort is situated in the Bay of Galle facing the ocean. The perimeter of the Fort is consisted with immensely thick walls and within these walls, you will find numerous resident houses, iconic religious buildings belonging to different faiths, shops, and more, all maintaining the Old World charm. The site is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Travel to Galle and enjoy taking a stroll in this fortified town will send you to a bygone era and give you an admiration to the architectural styles and the ingenious design.

Getting to the South Coast

Access to the South Coast of Sri Lanka is not only limited to travel by road, which can take several hours from Colombo (and longer from Kandy), but the option of air travel is also available. Cinnamon Air serves four destinations (Hambantota, Dickwella, Koggala, and Bentota) in the South Coastallowing you to get to the region at a fraction of the travel time by land. In addition to the time saved, flying to the South Coast can give you marvelous bird’s-eye views of Sri Lanka, an experience you should never miss!

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