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18 Jun 2012

Sailing in Negombo – A Proa Experience!


Being a colonial town during the Dutch and Portuguese rule of the country Negombo still boasts period architecture and mystic atmosphere to complement it. The town’s touristy value is a blend of all these and a stretch of accommodation options along its best bit of beach is the most sought after by those keen on exploring the north eastern coastal area of Sri Lanka.

One of the best activities Negombo offers is sailing. And this kind of sailing option cannot be found anywhere else in the island. The perfect water conditions and wind conditions afforded by the waters in this area makes sailing a memorable experience and it is a must try whilst visiting this paradise island.
The local ‘proa’, a locally made sail boat, is the ideal vessel for this type of adventurous outing at sea. With various proas ready to set sail, all lined up along the Negombo beach, visitors are provided with a range to choose from. Generally a sailing adventure in Negombo would last about an hour, but can be changed according to your requirements. Also the rates for an hour of sailing are a set figure with room for haggling.

The best part of the proa sailing experience is proa itself. These vessels are mainly used in the fishing and shrimp industry, and the boatmen are great sailors due to their vast experience sailing the oceans. Most boats that offer a sailing experience are in good condition with its wooden sides painted in bright attractive colours. Most proas are about thirty feet in length and some even feature fibreglass hulls and wooden floats. During the season one can see the gorgeous blue Negombo ocean dotted with brightly coloured boats and sails, making one yearn to feel the fresh salty sea breeze in ones face in a sail boat.

When it comes to accommodation there are various options in the western coast of Sri Lanka and a hotel or resort in Negombo can easily be booked through the Internet. For a luxurious and relaxing holiday try a Sri Lanka spa resort which offers all the modern amenities and facilities. Amongst such options is the Jetwing  Lagoon hotel which guarantees a memorable holiday in Negombo.

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